Free Mental Health Support

  •     SRJC’s Student Psychological Services is free to all SRJC students
  •     Student Psych Services (SPS) has expanded its staff this semester; last semester there were virtually no waiting lists
  •     Services are provided via a special extra secure version of Zoom; Information communicated during sessions is confidential
  •     Students see SRJC therapists for a wide variety of reasons, including stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, relationship issues, and many more
  •     Appointments can be easily made by calling 707 527-4445 or emailing
  •     Appointments are available during the many hours of operation: M-TH 8:30-5 and F 8:30-12:30
  •     SPS is part of Student Health Services, and I encourage you to also contact the same number/email for any medical issues you have
  •     Online information about mental and physical health is also available at